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Virginia's PBS TeacherLineGRADUATE CREDIT

Graduate credit is available for most all of Virginia's PBS TeacherLine courses through a variety of colleges and universities. James Madison University is our local Virginia graduate credit provider and offers credit at a discounted rate. The listed price per credit hour is an additional cost to the Virginia's PBS TeacherLine course fee. All leaners are responsible for graduate credit fees.


How to Apply

Once your course begins, there will be a link on the homepage of your course directing you to graduate credit registration. Your facilitator will also notify you by e-mail and by posting information on your course home page of your graduate credit opportunities and specific instructions on how to apply. You are responsible for registering for the graduate credits and must do so before the last day of the course. No registrations will be accepted after the course has closed.

If your course is eligible for graduate credit, the PBS TeacherLine course hours determine how many graduate credits you can earn:

  • 15-hour PBS TeacherLine course – 1 credit hour
  • 30-hour PBS TeacherLine course – 2 credit hours
  • 45-hour PBS TeacherLine course – 3 credit hours


James Madison University

Graduate credit is now available for select Virginia's PBS TeacherLine courses through James Madison University at $90.00 per credit hour. For more information about graduate credit, registration or to request a transcript, click here.


National PBS TeacherLine Courses

If you enroll in a National PBS TeacherLine course, you may be eligible to receive graduate credit from one of several national graduate credit providers.

To find which opportunities are available for your course, locate your exact course section in the course catalog and click the "View Details / Enroll" link.

The cost to obtain graduate credits is in addition to the tuition paid for the course, and is paid directly by the learner to the credit-granting institution. Please check the following Web sites for pricing information: